Topic Proposal

The beautiful striking sound of love, madness, hard work, complication and simplicity is one of the strongest bonds that we all humans share, music. Whatever type of music individuals enjoy listening to, I believe that everyone should play a musical instrument. It will bring them great benefits such as happiness to themselves and around them, reduce stress, increase memory ability and much more. It does not matter if you start playing an instrument at an early age or not  what matters is the fun you will have and the ease it will bring you. Besides there are many musicians out in the world that started out as late boomers and ended up famous; Andrea Bocelli, Susan Boyle, James Murphy etc.

However, times have changed whether you’re a naturally born talent or spent years of mastering your skills to be a professional artist. The music industry is not the same as it used to be. Artists are encountering all types of obstacles and it is not because of lack of creativity.

One of the  reasons is that people just do not want to pay for new music. Well why should they? Would you rather get a track for free or pay up $1.29? Exactly. Illegal downloading is very common in today’s world. About 1.2 billion songs are downloaded illegally per day. Think about all of the money you can save by not purchasing music. You will be doing yourself a huge favor in your future. I mean the odds of getting in trouble by the federal government for illegal downloading are small. So go for it take those chances and live up to the fullest, and stack up your music library with variety. You will not be causing anyone any harm.

I wish this were the case. As much as I want this to be true, illegal downloading affects much more than just ourselves. Since digital downloads became available, the work of an artist has been dripping blood. They continue to get screwed over fair payments with their label. Not only that but record stores and labels have shut down and a decrease in total money revenue has been decreasing since.

I am interested in focusing on music because I have been playing music and listening to it all my life. It pretty much defines who I am. And to see my favorite artists struggle because of free music is as if I am in their shoes, (even though I only do it as a hobby. The industry took a huge unexpected hit in the early 2000s. Ever since they have been trying to build it back up from the ground, trying to find a new way to keep both the audience with free music and the artist and label with fair payments.

I am aware that throughout history this business, the artist has been taken advantage money wise. Artist have and continue to encounter problems with their label because of not distributing the fair payment share. I watched a film by one of my favorite rock bands called Artifact. I it was a documentary on how they struggled to release an album through the label. I will definitely be talking about that. However I plan to talk about more as the music industry as a whole, the problem that is going on today, how it is revolutionizing, and what we can do to help. I will try to do research on when the industry began to fall and what has been happening since; Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, etc. I will also try to convince the readers why they should not download illegally.

Since I will be talking about the industry as a whole, of course I am going to go into detail. I plan to make things as least vague as possible so that the reader gets at least gets the overall picture of the problems that are occurring within. To do that I will try to also provide arguments from all sides, the artist, audience and the record.

I believe that anyone who loves music, no matter what genre, should care about this topic. If artists do not get paid they will not be able to make a living and survive. Why should you care? Because if they get paid less that means that they will put less effort into their work, making music less enjoyable to listen. But on the other hand the price is too expensive to be worth buying.

I do not plan to point fingers on who is right and who is wrong. I am just going to point out facts and try to explain their way of thinking as if I were in their shoes. I will try to defend both sides as even as possible.

With that being said, I am really excited to learn new information that I did not know that is happening or how things work in this closed small world, music industry. I will look up many different articles to support the arguments of all voices with evidence.