Taking A Stance

The life of a musician is scary. Especially when the rest of the world is making music for free or are also trying to get into the business. It can be a horrid life if you do not play your cards right. It requires a lot of time and have to be fully committed in order to increase your chances in being successful in this field, and survive in it. It is hard building a fanbase and getting them to listen to your music when the only direction that one can go is through the music labels taking advantage of one. But what if labels are not the main problem, what if the main threat is you?

The music industry works differently today than it did in the past. A lot of artists still continue to complain about unfair payment within their music. However, In many cases it is the label that gives the artists the tools to succeed.

Signing with a label might just be the answer to your problems. Not only will they get people to listen to your music, but help the musicians with equipment, studio time, concerts, tours, promoting, and much more. It is the best way to make it as a successful musician due to the evidence of most successful artists out there. Maybe the record company made a mistake, but hey nothing’s perfect. They do not want their artist to think that they are evil so they will try to negotiate until they hit an agreement, like Spotify is doing right now.

I believe that we are pointing our fingers in the wrong direction. I am not saying that there is no danger in the industry, but there are worst ways an artist is hurt.

We live in a new era where music is distributed electronically, and is now streaming, and for worst cases free.  

The real enemy is illegal music. It is the reason the industry took a serious hit and the reason why audience is not buying anymore. For that reason Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon, exist to lift up what has been brought down. It is almost impossible to get your voice heard through purchased music. However we are to blame for our actions. You might be thinking why would I want to purchase something when I can get it for free. Well why would anyone work for free? It is too bad that we have weak laws regarding illegal downloading, which chances are of getting caught are relatively small.

If you watch the whole film Artifact, a documentary by rock band Thirty Seconds to Mars you would understand what the musicians struggle is underneath their lives. Even though the film focuses more on the fight between reaching fairness between label and artist,  after I watched the film, I knew that I played a role in their struggle by downloading illegals.
So From then on out I purchase their music on Itunes, so that I could help my favorite artist continue to make music. I would encourage you to do the same. You can help out by attending concerts, which is what most artists/bands love to do the most. And if you do not like purchasing music, you could help them with buying premium version with Spotify, which allows you to enjoy more features, or Apple Music. I know it is hard to make that choice,  but if you would put on their shoes, working so hard for something that is being listened for free, you would understand that you are the threat, because a world without a favorite artist would be a hole in the chest that cannot filled again.



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