Refining Your Inquiry with Stasis

After reading and learning about stasis theory, I started focusing more on one main question for my topic “Should artists leave record companies or streaming services?.” I really wanted one question to lead to another question and so on.  It was hard labeling this question into one category (fact or conjecture, definition, quality, policy) because I know I can elaborate this question to make it fit into all of them. For example, for fact or conjecture, I could talk about the number of cases that artists have gotten screwed over by record companies. For question of definition, I can elaborate on the overall view on how the music industry has control over the artists and for quality, whether both sides are getting an equal share of the money being distributed which is not. Lastly, for policy, I could talk upon how listeners are affecting the artists paycheck with illegal downloading, and streaming.

What I did was come up with as many questions as possible, after I picked my main question, I wrote them down so that I can work with more infinite ideas. Should artist leave record labels?Why are artist getting sued? What will happen to the music industry if this keeps happening?

In one of my previous blogs, I found a lot of examples I could use for artist taken advantage over by record labels and other companies like Spotify. On the other hand, I also took information on what the privileges of signing with a record company. I kept asking myself indefinite questions to backup each side.

Signing with a record can make a rising artist dreams come true. Some musicians rarely encounter problems. Just like in any topic, signing with a record has its benefits and its cons. They can help you make a living as an artist, give you advances if you’re on on the road for touring, help you build your team such as booking agents, managers, and lawyers, and most importantly they help you get your talent and voice heard out in the world so that you can gain popularity and reputation.

However there are always two sides to a story.

Throughout the past decades, there have been many cases where artists want out of their record contracts. The main reasons are because they do not have control over release dates of their work, what they get to release, and the money they receive. Which is why many artist decide to do everything themselves after they leave a label.

 There have been many artist that have stepped in the same ripped shoes of another artist for a long time even until this day. Famous musicians and bands of all genres such as 30 seconds to mars, Avenged Sevenfold, 50 cent, Coldplay, Metallica, Linkin Park, and the one beings gossiped the most today Taylor Swift, have all been involved with lawsuits with record companies. They continue fight to get their fair share or to an agreement. Some artists prefer to start from scratch and do everything on their own. This rebellion of artist vs record companies has been going out for so long. The music industry is coming to an end, but what will become of the artist, or the way we get to enjoy our music?

I decided to focus on policy over the other stasis questions because this is a topic that needs attention now. I think that most artists and people working in the music industry right now are afraid of change. Some of them are already taking action to get heard and provide money for survival. And companies have tried to negotiate with artists so that they both come to an agreement, which will hopefully work out for both sides in the end.



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