The Dark side of an Artists Life

Music has always been an influential factor to the world. But is the music industry getting near its end? Besides the fact that artists are having problems with record companies, websites, or apps. They have been facing another big detail that people seem to miss. Before, record companies had everything under control. But after digital copies became available, illegal downloading became the thing. Illegal downloading is a crime. You might think that it is not a big deal, everyone does it and gets away with it. Plus why would you spend $0.99-$1.79 on a song when I can get the whole album for free.

Well while you enjoy your new track (that you could of bought and helped the industry out) you’re actually screwing everyone over, even yourself. If you get caught you can have a felony record, spend up to 5 years in jail, and get fined up to $250,000 or $750 per song. For every song that you download the record company loses so much more money. Even though the portion of getting caught is small, the risk still exists.

But who is the bad guy in this situation. I mean the labels are taking advantage of over artists already, and why should we pay for music? Aren’t artists already rich and famous. That might be true up to some measures.

Record Labels have been taking advantage of artists for a long time. This is how it works. First the record label gives the artists a portion of money to record an album. After the album is released, the record label take more than half of the money made. And before the musician gets paid, the label takes away the portion of money away that they gave them. That is not all they also charge recording costs, promotion costs, parts of video costs, and support for touring.

In the end the artist is left in debt, and that money gets carried on to the following albums.That is why a lot of artists are not signing with record companies anymore because at the end of the day they end up losing. And with the illegal downloading, there is no way they can make a living off their work. We live in an era where technology is easily accessible in most parts, and illegal downloading is the efficient way most artists get slapped in the face.

It is not just the music industry, the film industry is in trouble for the same reason. Hollywood recently made a threat to big illegal downloading websites, stating to remove all copyrights that they did not own material. Could this be an end to the downloading era? Maybe.

Just like it is important to know things to survive in this world, it is good to know the chains that an artist carries. As this war continues between artists and the world, we do not know if artists will be defeated. Which would suck because it will be our favorite artists would not be able to make music for the world. So think twice about downloading something illegally, next time.


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