Plan B?


Are there other ways a musician can make money?

The music industry is a dangerous field for music artists. They put in a lot of pain, blood, and tears in their work, to only be rewarded with debt. There are many artists that sign with record companies in order to get their voice heard, it is probably one of the most efficient strategies that artist use to get people to listen to their music. Your favorite artist is probably signed with one at the moment. But we have all heard that the music industry is dying. Those were the predictions that were made in the past, but now it is really happening. Today, The listener is the one who has the power not the Industry because we live in the digital era where you can now purchase one to two songs in an album instead of buying the whole album to get the songs you are looking for. This is only one way an artist’s and the industry lose a lot of revenue.

Artist will try to do almost anything to survive, just like the rest of us. So what do they do to get money in their pocket besides signing with a record company? When an artist can not make much money off itunes or other services, they do concert tours (the ones who can).

In my personal experience, I have been following a band for almost two years now (Crown the Empire) and they seem to be growing on the internet. I found tickets to one of their concert recently, and was surprised that it was a small concert with a maximum of at least 600 people. I was shocked to find out that they had been playing three days in a row from Los Angeles to San Francisco to Sacramento. That must be exhausting. It was not until later I found out that touring is the way they make most of their money.

The demand for live performances is high. Performances have always been here, even before the mp3 files, records, and industries. While music records are declining, artists are choosing to do performance. This helps an artist because the audience has to be there for the experience and can not simply make an audio track of the performance.

Selling merchandise is also efficient. A lot of musicians sale these at their concerts, websites, or other places. It is even more effective if they sale some sort of exclusive item. For instance an autograph shirt, hat, cup etc. because fans love it when they have something that other people do not like VIP tickets, getting to take pictures with them, or make your dreams come true with meeting them in person. Reaching out to fans is a great way that artists do to promote themselves and their music.

These are all good ways that an individual artist can do to help themselves keep or gain momentum and continue working on their music without having to worry about any obstacles. While the uncertainty with the future of streaming services, contracts, file sharing, and downloads, an artist can always go to these options before they think about other options.


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