Artist vs Spotify


What is Happening?

OH NO!! The music industry is in trouble! Well I bet you already knew that, thanks to the digital era and illegal downloading sites, file sharing, Spotify, pandora, etc. But what are artists doing to save music? Or should I say themselves. Let’s take what the internet has been “blabbing” about for the past months. We all know the success that Taylor Swift has made from her country/pop music. But she has been in a dilemma with Spotify. According to an article released by Time, Spotify artists make on average $0.006-$0.0084 per play. She took her music out of Spotify because she was not getting the money she deserved. This is how Spotify artists get paid.spotify-payout

Taylor Swift is concerned about other artists on Spotify as well as they are being disvalued like she is. However many of her fans want her to go back to return to Spotify. Whether or not a new deal will be made is unclear, but she is not alone in this battle against the future of streaming services. The Black Keys have joined her rebellion against the unfair payment on streaming services that artists are in. Coldplay has also joined sides with Taylor. Their newest album never made it to Spotify instead joined with their rival, apple music, for the same reason. Adele rejected both Apple Music and Spotify, and says that music should be an event and how she buys physical copies of albums. After Taylor Swift ended with Spotify made a statement  hoping that she would go back to Spotify.


On the other hand some artists believe that it is good for them. They believe that Spotify will help them grow their fan base and listeners. Others believe that their band would not be as big as they are if it were not for Spotify listeners.

In the same news “Rolling Stone” released another article with Bono suggesting that the music industry is in a experimental era and that they should experiment with it. He defends Spotify by saying that all fingers are pointing towards Spotify when Spotify is giving more to the owners. “When people pick on Spotify: Spotify are giving up 70 percent of all their revenues to right owners,” he said. It’s just that people don’t know where the money is because the record labels haven’t been transparent.” And then there are other artists that just do not care. Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters who do not care about the topic or people paying $1-$20 people for their music they just want people to listen to their music.

So this is the war that has been going on Spotify for a while now. It is unknown whether Spotify will lose more listeners and artists or build more artists and listeners. In the end, the situation is like Bono said, this is a time to experiment with the music industry, and both companies and musicians have to come to an agreement in the end otherwise, everyone is doomed. Not really but it is just a matter of adjustments and time.


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