Long Form Research Essay

War. It is something that in most scenarios, both sides want to avoid. It brings more loss than gain, and a lot of blood within both sides. The music industry has been at war with artists, and free music for a while now. Since the new era of digital music entered, everything has become chaos […]

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Taking A Stance

The life of a musician is scary. Especially when the rest of the world is making music for free or are also trying to get into the business. It can be a horrid life if you do not play your cards right. It requires a lot of time and have to be fully committed in […]

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Rhetorical Analysis (Part Two)

Should, and will artists leave their music label? In my previous blog post I tried to defend the artist’s point of view, writing about how unfair the game is in the music industry. How artists get used and taken advantage off. That was one side of the argument speaking. Now that the artists had their […]

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Rhetorical Analysis (Part One)

The Innovation Enterprise released an article on The Future of the Music Industry. Within that article it talked about the future of the streaming services and how the industry is trying to adapt. Music artists are frustrated at streaming services/labels because they are not getting their fair share. In response, artists are leaving record labels […]

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Refining Your Inquiry with Stasis

After reading and learning about stasis theory, I started focusing more on one main question for my topic “Should artists leave record companies or streaming services?.” I really wanted one question to lead to another question and so on.  It was hard labeling this question into one category (fact or conjecture, definition, quality, policy) because […]

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Annotated Bibliography

Blog #5 Music is an element of art that has existed almost forever. There are over 1,264 of genres of music out in the world. Music has its way to bond with so many identities out there in the world. Below I will state some facts about music and what is the future of this […]

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The Dark side of an Artists Life

Music has always been an influential factor to the world. But is the music industry getting near its end? Besides the fact that artists are having problems with record companies, websites, or apps. They have been facing another big detail that people seem to miss. Before, record companies had everything under control. But after digital […]

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